Monday, February 28, 2005

kudos to the new month!

Some interesting news, newfound rants and happy tidings found me this weekend!

First off, i just found out my mom passed both her compre exams for her Masters in both Public Admin and Accounting (yey, mom!) I am sooo happy and so very proud that despite all her workload at home and at work, she finished top of her class!

A very good friend of mine just informed me that she and her significant other will be finally tying the knot --- that is fabulous news! :-) everybody loves a wedding, especially a wedding between two people obviously in love ... tee-hee!

+ + +

People can sometimes be so darn annoying! >:-P

+ + +

I am looking forward to change... very soon!

+ + +

I love my sweetie for being such a sweetheart --- thanks for the salad, baby! :-) i love you...

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